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As the climate crisis is advancing, we need even more strongly the ability to prefigure different futures gets more urgent. This workshop delves into the complexity and multifaceted nature of climate injustice, addressing five essential dimensions: class, race, gender, ability, and age. Social issues are often set in opposition to ambitious climate protection, leading to artificial conflicts between the two. However, we believe that in order to effectively tackle the climate crisis and bring about meaningful change in society, we must not view climate protection solely as a technical endeavour; instead, we must account for its social dimensions. But what does this mean in practical terms?

We couple the dimensions of climate justice with concrete building blocks that help us re-imagine societies where climate justice has become a lived reality. In the workshop, we navigate between in-depth group work, interactive impulses from the facilitators, movement, inspiring plenary discussions, and creative problem-solving. We engage in alternative ways of thinking and envisioning what a climate-just coexistence could look like, both locally and globally. Join us to discuss, ask further questions, and collaboratively work on solutions!