Methods, target groups, formats of our workshops

Our interactive approach

Learning should be inclusive and fun. For that we use diverse methods like introductory rounds, small group exercises, galleries and much more. With a lot of space and equipment these often work better offline then online. To facilitate the same outcome also online we rely on a combination of the video conferencing tool Zoom and the collaboration tool Mural.

Modular concept

In our view, the best learning outcomes are reached when people can engage with the content that specifically corresponds with their level of Knowledge and experience. For that reason, our workshops are designed in a modular concept. There is a basic workshop (B) in which the core issues of climate justice are examined. Additionally, we offer multiple advanced workshops (W) with varying thematic focuses.

Adjustable length

Die Länge unserer Workshops kann zwischen 2 und 8 Stunden variabel gestaltet werden. Wir emfpehlen mindestens 3 Stunden, damit genügend Zeit ist, um sich in der Gruppe kennenzulernen und in neue Inhalte sowohl theoretisch als auch praktisch einzusteigen. Auch längere und kürzere Formate sind jedoch auf Anfrage möglich. Pausen machen wir bedürfnisorientiert.

For (nearly) everyone

Our workshops are primarily designed for teenagers and young adults, but they are also exciting for age groups above. Unfortunately, due to language and other barriers our workshops are not accessible to all people. We are trying to break down these barriers as much as possible and are always happy to receive suggestions. You are welcome to send those via our contact form.


We are doing our best to facilitate an open, constructive, appreciative and solidary atmosphere, so that all participants feel comfortable. Part of that is an accepting approach to mistakes and a critical awareness of structural injustices, as well as measures to address them (e.g. speaker lists). We stand up against any form of discrimination. Racism, antisemitism, hostility towards LGBTQ* people or any other forms of discrimination have no place in our workshops. We understand our work as a contribution towards a critical public in a diverse, democratic society.