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„I experienced the work with Kipppunkt Kollektiv as very appreciative and reliable. I myself have been participating in a workshop held by Kipppunkt Kollektiv and it was very much geared towards the participants as well as diverse in regards of methods and content. After this workshop I was motivated to learn more about the topics covered. Because of the good experience I made personally we also ask Kipppunkt Kollektiv to conduct two workshops at youcoN 2020. Those were much appreciated by the participants.” – Sophie Hollop, Stiftung Bildung und YouCon

„Its versatility is what makes Kipppunkt Kollektiv an interesting and competent partner for topics related to the climate crisis. We want to thank them for their expertise in education, as well as natural and social science when evaluating our educational material on climate change. The work of Kipppunkt Kollektiv was very targeted and professional. Its results will help us a lot with our future work.” – Ingrid Nestle, MdB und Marie Heidenreich (beide Bündnis 90/Grüne)

„In all of the Kipppunkt Kollektiv’s workshops there was a comfortable atmosphere, where all questions could be asked. The facilitators broke down complex topics trough diverse methods so that also people that weren’t familiar with the issue could follow. It’s worth taking a few hours for a workshop because our participants benefitted especially from the interactive methods and discussions that were part of those. Many thanks from us, we’ll surely see each other more often!” – Fuchs, Bund der Pfadfinder (BdP)

„Der Workshop Klimagerechtigkeit und Gender hat uns neue Perspektiven auf beide Themen und mögliche Zusammenhänge eröffnet. Es gab Raum diese zu reflektieren und je nach Befinden gemeinsam zu diskutieren. Die Gewichtung zwischen verständlichem Input und vielfältigen kurzweiligen Reflektionsmethoden war gut ausbalanciert.“ – Yannis, BUND Jugend Münster

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