Offers on education for climate justice

Zwei junge Teilnehmende eines Workshops des Kipppunkt Kollektivs bearbeiten selbstständig Aufgaben zu Fragen der KlimagerechtigkeitAre you looking for a workshop on climate justice for your youth group? Do you want to learn more about climate justice in your organisation, school or company? Are you organizing an educational event and you want to offer interactive seminars that empower the participants to become active in climate justice? Then our offers on education for climate justice are just the right thing for you!

In our interactive workshops and seminars we collaboratively develop applicable knowledge. You can choose a focus between different topics. We will individually adapt our workshops to your target group, group size and prior knowledge of your group. On your request our programme can fill a few hours or a whole weekend. If you wish so we will also support you with the organisation and/or facilitation of educational event.

You can simply send a request via the contact form below. We are looking forward to it and will get back to you as soon as possible.