Kipppunkt Kollektiv – Bildung für Klimagerechtigkeit.

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Our Workshops

We have developed various basic and advanced workshops on climate justice that can be customized to your individual needs.

Illustratiertes Bild des Kipppunkt Kollektiv zu Klimagerechtigkeit

Climate Justice

The global climate is on the verge of reaching irreversible tipping points. With our educational work we are heading towards another tipping point: climate justice!

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Our Collective

We come from different backgrounds and our interests are very diverse. We are united by our commitment to a climate just world and our desire to spread and expand knowledge about climate justice.

Unsere nächsten Workshops!

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Why Climate Justice?

The climate crisis is in full swing. The earth is getting hotter and hotter. We must act quickly.

Yet, not everyone is responsible for the climate crisis to the same extent.

Those who are the firsts to be affected, are often those who cause very few greenhouse gas emissions.

Protecting the climate is therefore not enough. We need global climate justice! Now!

Did you know?

Global temperature rise until now and forecast

Source: IPCC (2014): Fifth Assessment Report

Global distribution of resources in 2019

Source: Oxfam (2019): Public Good or Private Wealth?

Historical greenhouse gas emissions since 1750

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