We are offering education on climate justice

We live in times of overlapping injustices and crises, reinforcing each other: racism, the Covid-19 pandemic and its ramifications and the growing gap between rich and poor. On top the climate crisis the consequences of which are suddenly also tangible in Germany as floodwaters wreak havoc this summer. As we see it is especially in this crisis where many structural injustices converge. While e.g. it is the Global North that is most responsible for the climate crisis it is the Global South which is most affected.
In a world full of injustices, it is high time for a climate just change. We believe that learning together, awareness and communication are essential for that. It also needs people proceeding on this way with emancipatory and empowering solutions. 
This is where we want to intervene with our workshops on climate justice. We want to create an atmosphere where we can explore together how these issues are related. An atmosphere where we listen to each other, trust each other and grow together. An empowering atmosphere for you, me and us.

Education on climate justice

For you

We regularly offer open online and offline workshops and you are very welcome. Money should not be a barrier, so our workshops are on a donation basis.

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For organisations

You can book us. For seminars & educational events or other exciting projects related to climate justice.

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Concepts & Methods

We rely on interactive formats, diverse methods and modular workshop concepts so that everyone has fun, feels comfortable and learns a lot.

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Upcoming workshops:

Get to know us at one of our upcoming workshops. In online workshops, the (B) stands for basic workshops and the (W) for advanced workshops.

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What participants say about our workshops:

"Thank you for the great workshop. I learned a lot and thanks to the interactive methods the 3 hours were fun and went by quickly."

Lisa, participant of the workshop climate justice - what is it about?
"In the workshop on climate justice, new perspectives on the climate crisis were stimulated and critically, creatively and profoundly discussed! Thank you for new insights!"
Sarah, participant of the workshop climate justice - what is it about?
"The facilitation and atmosphere in the online workshop was encouraging! Plus creatively designed online tools that presented information clearly - the best online workshop since the start of the Covid pandemic!"
Alex, participant of the workshop civil disobedience for climate justice
"Diversity in methods, an empowering atmosphere and little energisers kept everyone alert and showed: Online education is possible!"
Pascale, participant of the workshop Brandenburg climate

"The facilitators were very well coordinated and led the workshop with a lot of energy! The body-related methods were fascinating and instructive! Thank you Kipppunkt Kollektiv!"

Tamika, participant of the workshop climate justice and hope

"Women are constantly portrayed as victims - you have finally undermined that in the gender workshop and made it clear that we are fighting in the Global South and in the Global North!"

Lia, participant of the workshop climate justice and gender

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